GarnerTransGrp(Xtra1)Core Carrier Service

This service is essentially a partnership between Garner and a shipper to handle all of the shippers’ transportation needs on an as needed basis.

Dedicated Service

With Dedicated Service, a Garner truck is assigned (“dedicated”) to the same shipper every day to move whatever the shipper needs transported. Dispatch can be handled by Garner Transportation Group or directly by the shipper.

Spotting Service

Garner supplies specialized equipment to handle in-yard and short-distance movements including loading, unloading, and storage trailers as needed. Communication is maintained between the drivers and dispatch at all times.

Logistics Management

Garner offers customers assistance in figuring traffic lanes, transporting raw materials to the manufacturer, and transporting finished products to distributors or to the consumer as needed. With Total Logistics Management, services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Cartage Trailers

Available for use on short-haul, local movements. Basic trailers for basic needs.

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